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Here are some pretty amazing life hacks for spoons and forks!

You can make incredibly creative decorative items using simple forks and spoons, salt and pepper holders, candle holders, hooks for clothes, mirrors and more!

You can decorate cakes in a beautiful way simply working with plain forks.

I can show you how to make unique lamp from plastic bottle and plastic spoons or you can make mirror decoration with plastic spoons.

You can easily make cute bows using forks as a carcass.

Check it out I can't wait for you to try these hacks!

Cake decoration

The first one I’m going to show you is how to make stripes with a spoon.

All you want to do is dip your spoon in warm water. Dry it off and gently drag it into your frosting just going along a straight line. And straight away you start to see these lovely rustic lines form—that’s how easy it is to do this.

If you don’t have a spoon, you can always use a knife for this technique. So there you go, the stripes look really great.

Our next technique is how to create a basket effect with a fork. All you have to do is go along a little bit one way…and then down the next way. Along…and down. Along and down the whole way around the top of your cake. Now usually when you see this technique on a cake, it’s done with a special nozzle. But not here. I used a simple fork to get that same beautiful effect. Along and down. Just keep on going.

Another technique is a Swooping effect. Using a nice warm spoon, just rub your spoon into your frosting waving it back and forth and back and forth. And as you can see you get this rustic-looking frosting. The beauty of these techniques is that they’re rustic and beautiful. There’s really no wrong way to do them.

What you’re going to do here is just drag your fork in your frosting using those prongs and just lift up your frosting giving a rough edge. As you can see it creates a lot of texture and it looks really unique.

So that’s it, four simple fun techniques to decorate a cake using spoons and forks. These cake decorating techniques are for beginning bold bakers to advanced ones—they’re for everybody!

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